Quick Lime Stone


Lime stone is a naturally occurring sedimentary rock consisting of calcium carbonate. It is being used by almost every industry i.e. fertilizers, food nutrients, onstruction, chemical, paper & pulp, metallurgical, oil refinery, agriculture etc. in powdered, lumps or other form. Limestone provided by us is processed exquisitely under the team of skilled professional.

Specifications Grade
% CaCO3 92 – 95%
% MgCO3 2.50(max.)
% Silica 1.50(max.)
% Fe2O3 0.2(max.)
% Others 0.6
Size 0 – 6 mm/ 6-25 mm/ 25 -50mm
Packing Loose


Pure limestone extracted from quarries as a raw material (calcium carbonate), is burnt in a kiln at approximately 800 – 850 degrees Celsius to create calcium oxide. This is then crushed into chippings ready to be slaked.

Calcium oxide or quicklime is widely used versatile chemical compound, made from excellent deposit of high calcium limestone. We offer the finest quality Quicklime which is known for it's purity & heat generation, sugar industry.

It is heavily used in sugar industry & refining of sugar, construct industry for manufacturer of Aerated concrete blocks, ROW & STEEL INDUSTRY for refining of Iron Ore.

Specifications Grade
% of lime as CaO >90%
Acid Insoluble % 1.0 (max)
Magnesia as MgO % 1.0 (max.)
Metal Oxides as Fe2O3 & Al2O3)% 0.15(max.)
L.O.I (Loss on Ignition)% 3.0 (max.)
Reactivity (4N HCl) 400 ml
Brightness % >80
Brightness % >80
Moisture % 0.5%
Sizes % 0-3 mm 0-10mm 10-50mm
Packing* 1 M.T. Once used Jumbo Bags .

Hydrated Lime Powder

Hydrated Lime or Calcium Hydroxide is produced by reacting quicklime with water. Hydrated lime is used for water treatment in E.T.P., Soil stabilization, hot mix asphalt, in construction, caustic soda, PH correction, pellatisation of steel, bleaching powder, pickling of steel, white grease, sanitation.protective points for buildings as a whitening agents in sugar industry etc.

Specifications Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade SP A B C D E F
% OF AVAILABLE LIME AS Ca(OH)2 96±1 +94 +92 +90 +85 +80 +75 +70 +65