Company Policy

Usually it is the idea in building industry that cheaper Plaster of Paris is economical ultimately for Decoration and false ceiling work. In the craze for cheapnessone often forgets that Plaster opf Paris properly and mechanically calcined can be more economical in use than the commerial Plaster of Paris.
Shree Ganpati Chemical & Minrals Pvt. Ltd. Pioneers in Plaster of PAris industry in Rajasthan have developed a superfine quality of Plaster of Paris for Bldg. purposes, which is economical in use, much moer in strength and glossy in finish.

Following are some of the points worth consideration:

  • Superfine Plaster of Paris is 250 mesh compared to 100 or 120 mesh commercial plaster. Plaster size being small it naturally covers more space per Kg. of Plaster.
  • Properly and mechanically calcined Plaster of Paris has much more strength as the smallest particle is calcined.
  • The silica particles in superfine are negligible, and hence Plaster finish is glossy.
  • The setting time of superfine is longer about 15 Mts. and hence the wastage at the time of application is reduced.
  • The background prepared for coloring etc. out of superfine plaster is more white and colour naturally on the same will give better shine.
  • The truck/Railway freight is same on both and hence costing of Special quality is proportionately reduced.
  • However proff of pudding lies in the eating. You can have practical demonstation by calling on us, our representative will be too glad to give you demonstration.
  • Awaiting your favorable response and thanking you in advance.